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January 13, 2007

I am making my way through your Permanent Innovation work: so far all I can say is I am speechless! It is both a framework for organization as well as a targeted toolchest filled with foundational tools!  I enjoy the pragmatism very much.

Thank YOU!

David Takahashi
Pitney Bowes, Group 1 Software



September 23, 2006
Dear Langdon,

I think your book is an excellent one and I consider it the reference on the topic of innovation. To that extent, I hope you will create a resource website or resource DVD to go with the book. Sometimes I felt that you were oversimplifying, only to find later in the book that you described the nuances and connections between the various aspects of innovation. This book created a sense of urgency about addressing the innovation capabilities of our organization - as I consider innovation the single largest contributor to differentiation and therefore shareholder value. An emphasis on innovation is essential in a time of restrictive thinking caused by a focus on cost reduction and compliance. In my opinion, the book is an essential read for upcoming leaders who want to be ready for tomorrow’s business world.

René van der Hulst
Vice President Regional Supply Chain
Lucent Technologies



November 9, 2006
Mr. Morris,

I have been reading your book Permanent Innovation for a month, going back and forth, and to me this is one of the most interesting books that I have ever read.

Starting with the easily availability of the book, continuing with the formal processes presented, and finalizing with the pointers to other sources of information, all in all this book has helped me to  get acquainted with another level of  knowledge.

I would like to thank you for making it possible for many of us have access to this kind of information.

Oscar G. Saenz
Electrical Designer
Pollak A Stoneridge Company



Langdon in his very characteristic style details out what works and what doesn't to make innovation happen.  It deals with situations that large organizations often encounter, road blocks to sustaining their innovativeness. He has dealt with the contradictory nature of permanence and innovation with absolute clarity.  It is a must read for those in the business of enabling innovations in organizations.  It makes a good learning for those who would like to jump start their innovation journey.
Divakaran Mangalath
Chief Technology Officer
Wipro Technologies



This book is a mandatory tool in making your mind clear about what is really needed to achieve this famous ‘growth through innovation’ for your company.  After having read it, just do it ... no more excuses.
Léopold Demiddeleer
Director of R&D and New Business Development



I’ve had the chance to review Permanent Innovation and I must admit that I love it!  Langdon is an engaging writer with a fine ability to clearly communicate the notion of inventiveness and its realm. Permanent Innovation is simply a must read book that has many ideas and resources to help us address some of the challenges we will face in the future. Thank you for putting this effort together.
Dr. Mohammed A. Alansari
Intellectual Assets Management
Saudi Aramco



Langdon’s new book is itself an innovative contribution.  It reshapes and elucidates what it takes to support, develop, and sustain innovation at the personal or enterprise level.  This should be a foundation text for anyone in the modern organization.
Larry M. Starr, Ph.D.
Director, Organizational Dynamics Graduate Programs
Executive Director, Center for Organizational Dynamics
School of Arts and Sciences
University of Pennsylvania



Amongst so many books about innovation, this is one of the best.  It rests on twenty years of practical experience by one of the leading practitioners in the field.  I was delighted to find the right mix of actionable information and deep concepts, several of which are ground breaking.  I consider Langdon Morris to be a master.
Pascal Baudry
WDHB Consulting Group



Permanent Innovation presents an important and comprehensive approach to understanding how the elusive phenomenon of innovation actually works.  Langdon has written for a wide audience of practitioners, not just academicians debating the niceties of theoretical models.  He provides a near encyclopedic overview of the field, practical every day tips, and some truly new insights regarding Innovation’s unique relation to product, category and strategy development.  A must read for anybody who takes innovation seriously.
Michael Barry
Principal, Point Forward
Adjunct Professor, Stanford University School of Mechanical Engineering



I enjoyed Permanent Innovation enormously.  The conversational tone is just a treat, and it succeeds in being powerfully authoritative in a pleasing, understated way.  The material is typical Morris:  lots of very practical and practicable observations and prescriptions written directly to the managing executive, all in a way that gets the reader interested in experimenting.  Morris’ experience facilitating (almost forcing) rapid change is reassuring, demonstrating that it’s possible to grasp the crucial principles of change.  The book takes the reader from foundation principles of innovation and organizational transformation to the contemporary battleground of the market.  Permanent Innovation is inspiring to read, and in a practical way.
Robert Gregory
Director, Strategy
Xpress Data, Inc.



Permanent Innovation sounded like an oxymoron to me when I first heard it.  But after reading Langdon Morris' extensive analysis of the process of innovation along with illustrative examples from successful innovators like Dell, Saturn, Apple Computer, and FedEx, I understand Langdon’s choice of the title.  His book is a pragmatic guide for designing and implementing a methodology for continuous innovation so necessary to meet the challenges of exponential change facing every organization today.  Read it and you’ll understand how to make innovation a permanent process in your workplace.
Dave Davison
Venture Investor



A powerful and practical book for executives who seek to understand the basic principles and practices of innovation.  Langdon Morris has the rare gift of being both astute and practical.  This book is a jewel because it points the direction to where innovation is evolving – to more collaborative systems.
Stu Winby
Founder and Executive Managing Partner
Sapience Group - Silicon Valley










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