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About InnovationLabs

Permanent Innovation author Langdon Morris is a co-founder and partner of InnovationLabs, one of the world’s leading innovation consultancies.

What we do: InnovationLabs principals are experts at innovation and at facilitating collaborative processes to accelerate innovation.  By working together in carefully designed and managed workshops, we help people solve complex problems and create breakthrough solutions in a fraction of the time.

Our track record: We have a powerful track record of success with large and  small organizations throughout the world to produce innovative strategies, breakthrough products & services, high performance  organizations, powerful working knowledge, enhanced creativity, organizational  alignment, and momentum.

Our passion: Our passion is innovation that gets results. We can help you turn your business into a leader by creating innovation for sustainable competitive advantage. From insights to solutions to results, we apply proven methods, tools, and frameworks that are fast and effective.

Our Experience:  We have two decades of experience in high performance innovation and collaboration, bringing forth the best from any group of people. We bring proven methods, tools, and frameworks in the critical space where people and ideas come together, where creativity, understanding, and sound decisions are vital to success. We help you create, collaborate, innovate, and solve tough problems in a fraction of the time.

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