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Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.
We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Innovation is the process of creating new ideas and turning them into new business value. 

Permanent Innovation is the process of doing it continuously, as a matter of strategy, method, and habit.  It happens in organizations that embrace innovation as a core value, practice innovation as a core methodology, and produce innovation as a consistent output.  Permanent Innovation is thus a strategic and human process much more than a technological one, and we achieve excellence at it through thoughtful repetition of the right methods.

The notion of permanent innovation may at first be startling, and it may even seem to be a contradiction.  The concept of permanence implies stability and the absence of change, while the concept of innovation implies constancy of change and novelty.  Combining these two, however, yields an important synthesis: the practice of innovation not as an occasional occurrence, but as a repeating process of value creation and organizational adaptation.

Permanent innovation thus contrasts with random, intermittent, or one-shot innovation processes, none of which are sufficient for today’s markets, and none of which are the basis for the excellence we aspire to.  In these times of accelerating change and increasing competition, Permanent Innovation, with a focus on the human dimensions of innovation, is an absolute necessity.  Its principles are contributing significantly to the success of leading companies around the world.

This book is about how to achieve it.


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